More about me

Hi there, my name is Dan Curcio and I have been an educator for over 13 years and I am consistently trying new tools to assist me in this journey.  This blog is my latest experiment in my personal learning and growth.  I am always growing, always learning and hopefully this translates to my students. This blog will be very reflective and honest.  I reflect on my life as an educator.  I teach science and special education, but more importantly I teach students and they teach me. These views are mine and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.  You can learn more about me professionally on my Linkedin page.  You can also check out some of our classroom fun on our Youtube channel or our class Wiki.


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  1. Greetings from south Texas!! And congratulations on taking the plunge, I just did the same. Hope to share some ideas and more via this platform. Blog on!

    1. Thank you!! Congrats also!! I too hope to collaborate in the future!!

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