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DanDan’s Science Class presents: ENDANGERED MADNESS (We need your HELP!)


Our science classes have become very concerned with the status of our various endangered species on this planet.  We have been brainstorming possible ways to bring attention to these animals and what could be done to save them.  Being inspired by March Madness and other similar online brackets one suggestion to bring awareness to this situation was to create a fun bracket system for all to “play” in.  Our brackets are setup by our students and they would like each round decided by sending out polls.   We would like to see anyone involved use the internet to research the species and then eventually answer our student designed polls.

By using this link from the World Wildlife Foundation,  individuals and/or classes around the world can investigate our proposed endangered animal species:


*Our class’ intention is NOT to say that one species is any better or more deserving to survive than any other.  We would like to bring attention to all the species that have the unfortunate possibility of becoming extinct.  Feel free to not only research and vote for your favorite species but also make predictions for the bracket winners!  We hope this will be a fun and educational experience while bringing some needed attention to the struggling animals on our planet!

Please follow this site to make your bracket predictions and to see results.


Hover over the MATCH DETAILS in each bracket and check out the attachments for each animal.  We implore you to research the animals BEFORE you vote.  The attachments give overviews of animal, their threats, what is being done and what YOU CAN DO!!  You can also vote by using the forms we will post and share.  Feel free to share away through social media and any outlet as our classes would like to reach out around the world!  #endangeredmadness

Our public Google forms will be shared here:


#RSCON4: Opportunity to Connect

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to connect and present at the amazing worldwide online conference RSCON4!! It was basically my first presentation outside of my school, so I had some nerves to get over but eventually got a bit more comfortable.  I want to thank the organizers for a wonderful weekend of learning and sharing.  I have learned so much from others and I continue to grow in my career with the help of an amazingly connected PLN!! I am very proud to have the opportunity to also share some of my experiences and I hope at least bring up conversations and thought processes that help move education forward.  My session is named Armed with Empathy: Creating a Classroom Climate for Collaboration.  I believe strongly that I am far from some sort of expert,  but just a dedicated educator with a passion to change lives for the better.  If you are so inclined to give it a listen or watch I would be honored.  It documents some of my experience in creating a classroom climate and my efforts in trying to stay empathic while making important curriculum decisions.  Below is the link to the recording.  I would love some feedback or even hope to start some dialogue on the topic.  Thanks so much.